Reviews to Compare Nook and Kindle 2012 - 2013

Information current as of 31st December, 2012


If you’re shopping for an ebook reader, it’s impossible not to compare Nook and Kindle devices. Reviews rank Barnes and Nobles Nook and the Amazon Kindle far above other e-readers like the Sony Reader,or Samsung readers and they generally offer more usability for the price.

Firstly when comparing ereader devices, one needs to be aware of the varieties of ebook readers now available on the market.

Currently, there are three types of ebook readers on the market:

1. Dedicated readers – the standard no-touch e-readers that do nothing but display digital books

2. touchscreen readers – also dedicated readers just slightly more advanced with a touch screen

3. tablet readers - which have the additional capacity for browsing the internet, checking emails, watching movies on top of being an ebook reader. Thus why it is termed a tablet as it has similar capabilities to a pc tablet or the apple ipad.
There is speculation that these tablet versions of the ebook reader will ultimately replace the dedicated readers. But there is much debate currently on this topic.

It is interesting to point out at this stage that the majority of people prefer the dedicated readers which are still thought to be superior for e- reading due to the e-ink display. The LCD screen of the tablet varieties does not appear to be the best screen for e-reading.
Bear this fact in mind when selecting your e-reader - do you actually need all the additional features of the tablet varieties or will you just be using your e-reader for reading? The answer to this question should inform your decision.

To really assess Nook vs Kindle 2012 - 2013, one must account for Amazon’s Kindle Fire HD, the newest Kindle tablet reader and the newly released Nook HD and HD+- released just befor the holiday season in 2012.

If you want the classic dedicated e-reader that looks and feels like a hands-on print book, you can still get one. Both Nook and Kindle have the famous e-ink displays designed specifically for reading booksimageand magazines. The standard versions of both are black and white like a printed page. Unlike the screens of tablet computers or notebooks, the high-contrast, no-glare E-ink displays can be read in full sunlight, and there is no harmful backlighting to damage your eyes.

Nook and Kindle are roughly the same size, the kindle fire HD is 8.9" and the nook hd+ has a 9 inch screen.The Nook HD is competing with the smaller 7 inch sized screen devices such as the Nexus 7and the ipad mini. All sizes however make these devices highly portable. While newer Kindles hold several times more ebooks than Nook, don’t worry. Either reader has enough space to hold every book you have ever read or could ever want to read. You can carry your entire reading library in your coat pocket.

The cheapest Nook is the Nook Simple Touch usually $99 but now available for $79, click here for a coupon for this reduced price. It has an easy to use 6" touchscreen and is Wi-fi enabled so you can grab your favorite eimagebook and start reading. Barnes & Noble boasts that the Nook lets you change the fonts and font sizes in your reading material with a simple touch, and it offers a selection of millions of ebooks to download.   
The cheapest Kindle is now offered for $79 on (special offer it was $109). It’s small, offers the classic pocket-sized E-ink display, and is Wi-fi ready.
It’s just what you want from an ebook reader—nothing extra. Unlike the standard Nook, it is not touchscreen.

The touchscreen Kindle device comparable to the Nook Simple Touch is the same pirce at $99. Amazon also has a larger range of touchscreen devices with a Kindle touch for Kindle Touch 3G for $149 and a Kindle Keyboard 3G for $139 .

As previously mentioned Kindle have added the $199 Kindle Fire HD to their product line, a full-color, touchscreen device with high-speed internet designed for streaming video, browsing the web, social networking, and downloading music and apps.

Reaching far beyond its original purpose as an e-reader, the blazing Kindle Fire is clearly offered as competition for the iPad, just in time to pre-order for the holidays. It’s release in Noveimagember 2011 sparked rumors that it could be the “iPad Killer,” especially backed by Amazon’s far-reaching advertising. But interms of hardware and programming, the iPad is closer to a notebook or
tablet computer than the Kindle, which is still, at baseline, an e-reader, in spite of the variety of new apps and capabilities.

Nook has similar products to the Kindle Fire being the
Nook HD and the Nook HD+, the new generation of the Nook Color. The Nook HD starts at $199 and the Nook HD+ starts at $269.00, both shipping free.
Llike the Kindle Fire these products all surf the internet, play movies, check email and social networks, and even reads books!

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